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External Auditors Are Required

External auditors are required

External auditors are required Practical experience :  3 to 5 years in major audit firms. English and computer are proficiency…

Audit Manager Is Required

Audit Manager is required

Audit Manager is required Experience : at least 10 years In external audit firms and experience in International Auditing Standards…

CRM Programmer Is Required

CRM Programmer is required

CRM Programmer is required Experience : at least 5 years Age : not exceeding 45 years. Place of employment: Riyadh To…

Quality Manager Is Required

Quality Manager is required

Quality Manager is required Experience :  5 years At least  As a Quality Manager for Call Center Services. Age : not…

Executive Manager Is Required

Executive Manager is required

Executive Manager is required Experience : 5 years At the Call Center companies Age : not exceed 45 years. Place of…

Accountant Is Required

Accountant is required

Accountant is required Experience :  7-10 years high skills in project planning and financial management. Preparation of financial budgets, financial statistics.…

Civil Engineer Is Required

Civil Engineer is Required

Civil Engineer is Required Experience in infrastructure work 3 to 6 years Good with engineering programs (Auto CAD) Place of…

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